Four Things To Know Before You Start Bikram Yoga

Four Things To Know Before You Start Bikram Yoga


Commonly considered as the most intensive form of yoga, Bikram Yoga offers numerous benefits and is aimed towards overall wellness. However, as it is practiced in a heated environment, beginners may experience initial side effects.

Bikram Yoga comes from the traditional techniques of yoga. Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, became popular in early 1970’s. Bikram yoga was originally founded by Bikram Choudhury, who has engaged in the very active enforcement of copyright claims on Bikram yoga and all its features and techniques. Many are inspired to attend the Bikram Yoga classes because of the advantages it gives to the person’s body and mind. But before you join a Bikram yoga San Francisco program or practice this type of yoga elsewhere, you should know a few important facts about it.

This is geared toward general wellness and provides many benefits

With Bikram yoga, you’ll see numerous benefits to the various internal workings of your body including circulation, respiration and the neuromuscular systems. When you practice Bikram Yoga, you reap numerous physical benefits. Some of them are reshaping your body and promoting weight loss; toning and restoring health to muscles; improving blood circulation, flexibility, energy level and endurance; decreasing the risks of sports injuries; strengthening the spine; and providing relief from pain, stress and different anxieties. Not only will this type of yoga give you a lot of physical benefits, but you will also see some mental and spiritual benefits such as a calmer mind and more peaceful soul.

It is done in a heated area

The unique practice environment of Bikram Yoga is a heated room with temperatures ranging from 32 to 45 degrees Celsius and with humidity of about 40%. The benefits of this yoga are based on the hot and humid rooms where it’s performed. This promotes healthy blood flow, detoxifying the body as it reduces tension. You should know that there is some debate about whether this yoga is safe due to possible dangers of vigorous exercise at high temperatures and humidity.

When you are in the very initial stages, you may face some side effects

Common symptoms for first timers or beginners include dizziness, fatigue, nausea, confusion or disorientation, body sores, and cramps. Such side effects, such as a certain degree of dehydration, are part of this routine, and typically due to the workout conditions necessary to progress. On the other hand, various side effects can be eliminated or prevented by taking certain precautions and medications such as wearing light and fitted clothing, drinking plenty of water before and after exercise, taking potassium tablets to easily retain water you drink, relax before Class yoga, eat light and healthy food and avoid processed foods and drinks with caffeine, as they can disrupt the normal ability of the body to withstand heat.

Bikram Yoga offers the most intensive form of yoga

Bikram Yoga involves a total of 2 breathing exercises, and 26 postures and each class spans 90 minutes. Bikram yoga is known for demanding a lot of discipline and focus, and to add to this reputation, sessions are held in heated environments.

To get the best results, one must apply discipline and dedication to Bikram Yoga practice or any yoga practice.

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